Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This Guy Sucks

Chan Ho "Out of the Ball" Park sucked last night. In 4 innings of work he gave up 6 hits, 2 walks, and 7 runs. Chan Ho was cruising until he let up a hit to Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen with two outs in the third. That's when the wheels came off. He walked the next two batters on a total of 8 pitches...that's right...two straight four pitch walks...ugh. For the sake of full disclosure, Park was then a victim of some shoddy defense after loading up the bases- a botched line drive, a bloop single that had too much hang time to drop, and an error by Paul "Bringham Young" LoDuca all contributed to the deficit. However, Park, a 13 yr veteran shouldn't have let himself unravel like he did at the end of the inning. Plus he didn't help his case to stay in the majors when after having a chance to regroup, Park gave up two solo home runs in the following inning.

Now I understand it's a little harsh to get on a guy after only his first start of the year in the majors. There is absolutely no reason to believe however, that he is going to rebound to become a serviceable starter. He was not overly effective in spring training and had an ERA of over 7.00 in four starts in Triple A. He last good year was in...wait for it...wait for it...2001! So essentially he hasn't been effective since we declared war on Afghanistan. Last year he had a "renaissance" in which he amassed a 4.82 ERA in San Diego, perhaps the best pitchers park in the league (note: I'm too lazy to look up ballpark stats right now). From 2002-2005 his ERA's were: 5.75, 7.58, 5.46, and 5.74. Now while you may counter that he was pitching in Texas, a notorious hitters park, I will counter your counterargument by telling you that his ERA+ (a stat that factors into ballpark effect and era pitched in into account) was well below league average those four seasons.

Based upon statistical evidence and trends (as well as my own two eyes), I can safely conclude that Chan Ho Park sucks.

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Mookie said...

As per the picture he obviously doesn't suck at drop kicks.