Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Newsday Trying to Start Some Trouble

This is the backpage of today's NY Newsday. In case you can't read it, the blurb under "Rocket Strike" states, "Clemens says Yankees need to 'get it together' before he arrives." After reading that I was all prepared to construct a rant about how selfish Clemens is to accept over $1M per start and then say that he is not going to pitch until the Yankees start playing better. The headline proved to be extremely misleading however, as the "get it together" language taken out of context. Here is the entire quote:

"I guess all I can tell you is that, when I made the appearance at Yankee Stadium, Derek said it best. I'm not going to be there for two or three weeks, so they have to get it together and get things going."

Nowhere does Clemens gives the ultimatum that Newsday alludes to on the backpage. He simply wants the Yankees to start winning. This is hardly worthy of backpage fodder. It's just a shoddy job by the heads sports editor, but I'm sure it will sell some papers.

Also at the rate NY papers are going, headline writers will run out of Rocket puns by June 1.

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nocedog said...

Thats something i wouldn't be surprised about from the Post,but not Newsday.