Monday, May 21, 2007

Belated Thoughts on Yankees/Mets Series

- I am starting to believe Oliver Perez is the real deal. At this point, acquiring Perez from the Pirates may well be Omar Minaya's most impressive transaction.

- David Wright has answered all of my recent concerns about him. I was still justified in questioning his performance, as he had been mediocre over his last 100 games.

- The Yankees played the Mets just about dead even this weekend, despite throwing their number 3,7,and 11 starters and having to use their bullpen for 9 innings on Saturday. The Yankees are probably still as good as anybody, but they won't make the playoffs. You just can't spot good teams 10.5 game leads (8 games in the wild card).

- Tyler Clippard was very impressive last night. He displaced pretty good command, a nice slider and changeup, a deceptive motion, and a visage disturbingly similar to Clay Aiken's. He kept an excellent Mets lineup off balance for 6 solid innings. If he can stay healthy, I'm fairly high on the Yankee Clippard. I'm only cautiously optimistic that I will eventually be able to watch him pitch without thinking of America's favorite effeminate, Southern, reality show runner-up.

P. S. I couldn't find a pic that properly captured Clippard's resemblance to Aiken. Watch him pitch and you will see it.

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Jimer said...

You northerners crack me up with your interest in this baseball thing.