Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thanks David Stern

If the Suns lose a close game tonight and subsequently the series, it will be one of the greatest stains on David Stern's legacy as a commissioner. That a toss-up series that may well decide the NBA Champioinship, may be decided by a few inconsequential steps onto a court is beyond ridiculous. He created a stupid rule in the first place and is compounding his error by not using discretion in enforcing it.

I believe that Stern is so terrified of the "thug" image his league has developed that he lost his mind. He is sabotaging one of the most compelling series his league has had in years, in an effort to preserve the NBA's reputation. However, by suspending star players, he has called further attention to an otherwise completely forgettable minor skirmish. Double whammy: Worse on court product and more negative press.

Coming to the defense of a person you care about is the right thing to do, in just about any other context that I can imagine. I don't mean you should start swinging your arms like a psychopath, but making your presense felt in such a situation is more than appropriate. The fact that they were able to be restrained by a simple nudge from a middle-aged assistant coach shows that their intentions were not to start a brawl.

So what are the lessons learned?
1) If you are losing a game, have a scrub flagrantly foul your opponent in front of their bench and hope to provoke one of their stars to leave the bench.
2) Don't run to the defense of your teammates.
3) If you do impulsively leave the bench, you might as well not restrain yourself, because you are going to get suspended anyway. Jump right into the fray.

Does any of this make sense?


nocedog said...

I agree, any juice that tonights game would have had is gone. And it was really the only exciting series going on.

Fat Dizzle said...

I disagree. The rule makes sense and was properly enforced. It was only a few years ago when a few steps off the bench quickly turned into body slams, right hooks, and small balding middle aged men desperately holding onto large men's legs. Its not as though these players have to come to their teammates rescue to save them from getting their ass kicked-this a controlled situation in front of refs, security, cameras, and 18,000 people.
As for the series losing juice, it actually does the opposite. The results of the proper enforcement are that the suns are put in an adverse situation. Adversity creates great drama. I'm watching a great game right now with the suns up 6 at the end of the 3rd.

Jimer said...

Just let em fight for real like they do in Pro Wrestling.