Wednesday, May 23, 2007

John Mayer, Not Too Funny, But Still Funnier Than Dane Cook

Here is some youtube footage of wuss-pop acoustic guitar rocker John Mayer doing his stand-up routine at the Comedy Cellar. If you ask me I think he needs a catch phrase.


Jimer said...

Looks like Johnny Mayer is destined to suck at pretty much everything in life. The best thing he had going for him was that beard, Jessica Simpson, and he f*cked that up.

Why Johnny Why?

nocedog said...

He definitely tries too hard, but i give him credit for having heart. He comes on the Ron and Fez show sometimes, and he's actually a decently cool guy. I wanted to hate him so much, but i just couldn't.

Jimer said...

Have to agree to disagree, Noce. The best thing JM has going for him is the fact that he shares the same initials and last name as Jeoffrey Mayer.