Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You Hate Him-But You Want Him

A bombshell was dropped in Tinseltown today when everyone's favorite heel- Kobe, a.k.a.-the mamba, a.k.a.-the rapist, Bryant demanded a trade from Jack Nicholson, Dianne Cannon and the rest of Lakerland because he feels he was misled about their alleged desire to compete for a championship immediately following the departure of The Big Aristotle. Granted, noone was more unlikable over the past 8 years for a multitude of reasons-the three straight championships, the incident in Eagle, running Shaq out of town, his amazing trick flailing elbow, etc...But im guessing any NBA fan who has read this article has already run the trade scenario of what his team would have to give up to obtain Kobe through his head (personally I think a package of Shawn Marion, Leandro Barbosa, a first this year and the Hawks unprotected next year would work nicely.) Knicks fans aside who no doubt wouldn't care, (they would sign Charles Manson to an eight year deal at this point if he had a jump shot) I would bet thatfans of the other 28 teams would have a new take on #24's trials and tribulations. Suddenly "the rapist" would be "the guy who was framed by that crazy white chick" and the "ballhog" would be a "scorers fist mentality with a killer instinct". And thats what makes sports great-if the most talented jerk in the game is traded to your team he will suddenly in your eyes make a heel to face turn quicker than if he took a steel chair to the back of Vince McMahon's head. Lets face it-you hate him now-but you want him.


Jimer said...

Dead wrong. If I had a team, I would drop them if they traded for Showbe.

Kobe is the antithesis of the NBA veteran who sacrifices pay and personal numbers for championships late in his career just to salvage his legacy.

Kobe got those pesky rings early on, and now he is only interested in the what has driven him all along. Personal success. He is a complete and total piece of shit.

Charles Manson.....that was a good one.

downrightnashty said...

Then why would he not just stay in LA playing for a shitty team where he can take 40 shots a game and win 40 games a year? Wasnt his competitive desire to win another championship the basis for him wanting to be traded in the first place? He might not be the best teammate-but I do believe winning is his top priority-his ego is too big to take losing.

Jimer said...

He wants to leave because he knows he has worn his welcome out.

If he is such a winner, why does he do things like refuse to take shots in critical late season or playoff games just to make a point? That is a loser in my book.

Yes, on the surface this seems to go against my position that he wants higher stats and personal glory, but if you look at what it really is, it is perfectly in line with what I am saying. He wants the attention, buzz, speculation, etc...etc.. to be on him at all times. Episodes like that are him saying, f my team, they are nothing without me, and sadly proving just that.

He is a social Len Bias, suicidal on the attention intoxication.