Saturday, May 12, 2007

Met-ro Sexuals

Because uniforms were not enough to identify the Mets as teammates, the players collectively decided to shave their heads. I can't decide if this act is more juvenile or gay.

Seriously, if your co-workers approached you with the idea of getting the same haircut as a show of solidarity, the two most appropriate responses would be "What are you 10 years old?" or "I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea, but I am heterosexual".
I am still waiting for Mike Pelfrey to show even a glimpse that he might one day become a quality Major Leaguer. Even when a future star struggles, you usually at least see SOME flashes of brilliance. Pelfrey doesn't strike anybody and walks a lot of guys. Not a good combination.


Sensible Yankee Fan said...

Mike Pelfrey is the zillionaire's Phil Hughes.

sensible yankee fan said...

sorry, I meant to say Scott Kazmir is the zillionaire's Phil Hughes. Mike Pelfrey licks taint sauce.