Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Pet Peeve

A major pet peeve of mine is when home plate umpires wait a few beats before calling a strike. It is just unbelievably frustrating to have to wait that extra second or two to know whether a pitch on the corner is ball or strike. It's not like the ump has that much to think about. Calling balls and strikes is a split second reactionary decision. 99.9% the ump knows what he's going to call as soon as that ball crosses the plate. An ump who pauses before making the call is bringing attention to himself, interrupting the flow of the game, and bugging the bejesus out of every fan in attendance and watching at home.


Jimer said...

If that bothers you, dont ever watch the priest from the exorcist errrr Dick Bevetta ref a game.

Showmanship at its finest. Hey everybody, look at me, I call animated fouls.

Jimer said...

Exorcist= Poltergeist. Oops.