Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Thought From the Weekend of Sports

Sorry, no full fledged weekend wrap-up today because I went on a little getaway and did not catch a lot of the weekend's action. But I was able to catch the moment generating the most water cooler talk this morning-B Diddy absolutely crapping on AK 47 right here:

After the dunk, I began wondering who will get the royalties for the the inevitable posters to be printed of this emphatic posterization. Will the Warriors get the majority of proceeds because Davis is their employee and thus own in game images of him? Can the NBA sell the poster without kicking money back to either Davis or the Warriors? What percentage of the profits will Davis see? After all it was his gravity defying behavior that is responsible for the lasting image. Also Kirilenko should really get something out of being on the receiving end of the facial. AK played a pivotal role in the slam's ascension into NBA folklore. Without his unsuccessful block attempt, the dunk would have just slipped in and out of the public consciousness without nary a second thought. He deserves to be justly compensated as well.

Still this is just the second best playoff dunk shot I've ever seen. Number 1? Well, let's just refer to it as "The Dunk." I think Michael Jordan still wakes up in a cold sweat from this baseline jam, though when he does wake up he is probably comforted that he is a multi-millionaire and the best basketball ever and then goes right back to sleep.

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Jimer said...

If you look hard enough, you can see Drago giving Bizzle Dizzle a head buff.