Friday, May 25, 2007


Who the hell does Harvey Walden think he is? Did he not watch the "Bayside Triangle" Episode? Before you talk to Screech Powers like that, you better understand what he is capable of. I mean, just ask Zack Morris or his torn up shirt. Let me refresh your memory:

Zack: This has gone far enough, look I'm sorry I hurt you, all
Screech: Sorry? You're sorry? You were my best friend, Zack. You
had any other girl in the school...why Lisa? Why'd you have to
steal my dream? I hate you! (violently rips off Zach's shirt)....[May
I add, without tearing any buttons]

Even if, for some crazy reason, Harvey thought he could handle Screech, doesn't he know that Zack Morris and A.C. Slater are waiting for him backstage? I doubt that he would want to mess with somebody who got a wrestling scholorship to Iowa. I guess he also missed the famous "Fight Episode."

All I can say is that Harvey is really lucky there were a bunch of cameras around, otherwise I think he would have needed to be "Saved by the Bell."

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Dustin Case said...

I just love the fact that this article comes up every time you search for my name. Stop spying on me...

Might as well exploit it! Saved By The Bell! Yeah!!!