Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Promote This Man

Tim Lincecum's 2006 numbers in A Ball after being drafted last year: 31 2/3 Innings/ 14 Hits/ 6 Runs/ 58 Ks/ 12 BBs/ 1.73 ERA

Tim Lincecum's 2007 numbers in AAA: 31 Innings/12 Hits/1 Run/46 Ks/11 BBs/0.29 ERA

If this guy can't get Major League batters out, I'm a monkey's uncle. Another game in AAA would be a complete waste of everyone's time. Blind squirrel Brian Sabean has finally found a nut. Now let's see if he can package him and two other promising arms for a mediocre catcher with no upside.

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Mookie said...

I think the Mad Dog reads SYHD. He's been yipping about the Giants prospect all day long. He's practically foaming at the mouth...which I know isn't a rare occurence for him.