Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pink Bats Are Gay

I hate to be SYHD's resident insensitive prick, but the shoe fits so well...

Rarely will I use this space to get my Ralph Kramden on, but come on. Can we just let men be men, at least while playing sports? The pink wrist bands and bats on Mothers' Day are really irritating. I can sympathize with anybody who has suffered from, or knows anyone who suffered from "women cancer". My own mother had breast cancer several years ago. Any effort to eradicate this awful disease is noble. However, there has to be a better way to raise awareness than giving the appearance that you have turned over accessorizing duties to a 4 year old girl.

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Zim Fabulous said...

Do you think they really care about cancer? It is about the almighty and fabulous moolah, my dear tremont.

Sports is a business and in every succesful money making venture, you must appeal to a vast audience. At Arena, home of course to the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes, pink hockey sticks are flying off the aluminum coated acrylic displays.

Clubs like the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays know that the average bloke with a beer gut will always buy their tshirts number one fan pointy giant finger. It is the poofs and the betties whose dollars they need to make a profit.