Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Ode To James Blake's Girlfriend

In keeping with our minor running theme of commenting on professional athletes wives/girlfriends, recent French Open dropout James Blake has a really hot girlfriend. I actually think that she looks better (at least facially) in the non-Maxim photos. Though he may have never defeated Roger Federer on the court he clearly has whooped him in every girlfriend hotness tournament they have played. For reference, here is a pic of Federer's gf.


Jimer said...




Thank you Mookie, thank you. I now have to stumble around my office looking for a legal pad to double as a spankerchief.

Mookie said...

Most welcome. Would spanking it in the office get you disbarred or merely a public censure?

Jimer said...

It might get you hung.

Nerine said...

Great work.