Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Proof of just how dull the Yankees really are.

For more proof that the Yankee players are a bunch of dull, lifeless robots, look no further than wrestling promoter/Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman. Towards the end of her painful, over-the-top reaction to Clemens announcing his return, she screams "You should see whats going on in the Yankee dugout!!" You would think the players were dancing around giving eachother chestbumps having a jolly old time. But no, these are the corporate Yankees. What was "going on in the Yankee dugout" was that a few of the guys were sitting there smiling. They weren't even really talking to eachother.

Waldman, who deals with Yankee players on a daily basis, is so used to dealing with these mindlessly boring players that she's lost perspective. To her, that was a CRAZY reaction. And to this Yankee team, that WAS a bonkers reaction. Oh well, at least there's one exciting team in New York.


Jimer said...

Sweet photoshop job.

Ryan said...

LOL!! thats such a fake pix...look at the sides of the guy kneeling (jeter?)...its white, definatly photoshoped, or put in paint lol!!!

Anonymous said...

that is not Jeter!!!! i love him he is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!