Thursday, May 24, 2007

Deadspin is Killing Me

I swear I was about to post about the farce that is ESPN Classic, since they very rarely ever show a "classic" sporting event. Unfortunately Deadspin beat me to the punch. Back to the drawing board.


nocedog said...

I've thought the same thing. ESPN Classic is about as bad as it can possibly be. As a true sports fan, i was THRILLED when I originally heard about this channel, and the concept is fantastic, but they show almost nothing worth watching.

It seems like the majority of the programming is World Series of Pokers from year past, endless boxing matches, karate, bull riding (?!??), bowling and pool. God forbid they show old MLB, NBA and NFL footage, which is what people actually want to see.

Oh, and Cheap Seats was an unbelievable funny show. I miss it dearly.

Jimer said...

Maybe its because you are a hack, Mookie.