Monday, May 14, 2007

An Open Letter to Charles Barkley


I'm a big fan. I loved you as a player and love you even more on Inside the NBA. I hold you in such high esteem, that I feel bad about criticizing anything you do. I mean, you are a larger than life figure and a fine ambassador for the game of basketball. Who am I to tell you what you are doing wrong?

Sir, with all due respect, please put Dwyane Wade in your Fave 5. Either that or definitively tell the kid that he will never achieve this status. Whichever you choose, he needs some closure and frankly, I do as well. There's a fine line between good-natured ribbing and unnecessary callousness. I believe you may have crossed it. If you continue on this path, you may lose a friend in Dwyane and a fan in me.



downrightnashty said...

In all fairness-Chuck told him he would put him in his five if he made that put-HE DID NOT. Regardless, of Charles' zany antics-a deal is a deal.

Tremont said...

Yeah, but then he sabotaged Wade's effort, by dialing his phone when he was about to put.

nocedog said...

Wade never specifically said that he couldn't.