Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tremont: Master Prognosticator

I wrote this on April 30; "The Bulls are even better than I thought. I think they will represent the East in the NBA Finals. They don't have any weaknesses and now have a star to carry them in Luol Deng".

On April 21, I opined "Everyone is talking about how Golden State swept the 3 regular season games between these two teams. I don't think this is particularly relevant, because the first game was played during the Mavs' 0-4 start and the last two occured after Dallas had all but locked up the 1 seed... Mavs in 5." And this "I think Houston will make relatively short work of Utah...Houston in 5, with a genuine chance of going all the way."

Had I been around at the time, I probably would have warned Columbus that he was going to sail off the face of the Earth.

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