Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Because It's a Slow Sports Day

Here is footage from my favorite MTV reality episode ever- True Life: Looking For Love on the Jersey Shore. MTV followed around the ultimate guido, Tommy, a 30 yr old constructor worker who rents a house in the Jersey Shore every summer and looks for his soulmate amongst those extremely classy Jersey girls. Along the way he eats late night/early morning canolis, almost fights some kids at the cheeseball stand after he cuts them in line, dances with glowsticks to techno (or is it house or industrial), and tries to get into 10 more fights, all the while spouting lines that make Paulie Walnuts sound like Descartes. This guy singlehandedly perpetuated Italian stereotypes throughout the country and for that I consider him a hero. So for your viewing pleasure here is a clip from that True Life:


A.I. Editor said...

Some innocent folks could get hurt because of him.

He looks like a bad joke.

I prefer watching Slyvester Stallone.

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Tal said...

Top 2 Moments:

1. CHEEEEESEballs! cheeeseballs!

2. "When I saw that she had a kangol, like me, I knew it was destiny".

or something like that.