Friday, May 25, 2007

Mr. Hypothetical

With 10 seconds to go in a basketball game, would you rather be up by one point and playing defense or tied with the ball? ( I realize the answer to this question can vary depending on what type of team you are on and what type of defensive/offensive team you are playing against, but assume that both teams are league average in offense and defense)

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Jimer said...

I think it depends on, among other things:

-if you are at home or on the road?
-if it is a playoff series or just one game?
-how has uncle mo been to you late in the game
-has Stern commissioned the Circle of 7 to rig the game?
-what is foul/fatigue situation looking like for OT?

I have to think that all things being equal, neutral floor, one game series, all other factors neutral, unbiased refs, etc.. I would rather play to win with the ball and game tied. Yes the onus is on my to get the ball in the bucket, but whats the worst thing that can happen? OT unless you make a move toward the bucket too early and commit an offensive or even worse you shoot a low percentage long jumper that starts a break the other way.

You play to win the game, hello.