Friday, May 18, 2007


I enjoy over-hyping prospects as much as anyone. For instance, I sincerely believe that Kevin Durant has a good chance to become the greatest basketball player ever. That statement will likely look ridiculous in 10 years, but trying to project the future is 80 percent of the fun of being a sports junkie. Besides nothing I have ever said, or even thought, will ever look nearly as ridiculous as this... asks us "What happens when you cross Yao Ming with Allen Iverson?"
-F**k my a**!!! You get a guy who is both the tallest and fastest man in basketball, with the heart of a lion, whose crossover dribble and jump hook are equally unguardable. You have a guy that should average 50 points, 25 rebounds, and 12 assists a game. In short, you have a man who is head and shoulders above anyone who has ever played the sport.

"You get a prospect like Yi Jianlian, a fundamentally sound 7-footer from China with a sweet stroke, great handle and world of intrigue."
-I don't know whether be excited to see this guy play or disspirited by the knowledge that the knowledge that whichever team drafts him will lock up the next 15 NBA Championships.

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