Monday, May 7, 2007

Brady Just Can't Quinn

So word is that former MNF announcer and all around unfunny guy Joe Theisman told that young whippersnapper Brady Quinn that his draft day hair was embarrassing to Notre Dame. Brady, ever respectful of his Notre Dame forefathers, went out and got a shortly coiffed 'do. Interestingly, Theisman did not tell the Browns rookie QB to stop touching the crotches of other men.

I really don't see what Theisman found embarrassing about Brady's hair. Quinn's hair had that refined messiness many strive for, but only few attain. Uncle Jessie would have taken one look at that head, blurted out an astonished "Have Mercy", and then walked away with his tail between his legs, muttering in disbelief.

Maybe this is just sour grapes on Joe's part because his father made him get a military buzz cut when he was younger. Theisman is slowly morphing into the the neighbor who kept all the balls you hit in his yard. How long until Theisman buys a condo in Jay Marriotiville, where anything different is bad and wrong.

I hope my next post is more heterosexual.

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Jimer said...

I wonder if Brady is offended by Theisman's perpetually limp dick?