Friday, May 11, 2007

And this Ricky just loves that sticky-icky-icky

Can Ricky Williams possibly have ANY desire to play football? I honestly don't think he cares about playing at all. One year after being suspended, and one month from being reinstated, he got busted again for smoking sensimilia.

This is humorous because he was on the Dan Patrick show (ESPN Radio) last month and was asked a series of questions about his marijuana use. He claimed that he had just been tested 5 minutes earlier, and that he hadn't gotten high in 3 years. To quote Lisa Turtle, this might happen "when worms have ears."

Some of us quit our youthful marijuana habits to function better for our $40,000 a year jobs, that might not even test for drugs. This guy couldn't quit his tree habit for a multi-million dollar job that basically offers you a choice of which smoking-hot model you want to take home each night, and one that 100% definitely WILL test for marijuana.

Maybe paranoia and the munchies really are better than fame and fortune.

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