Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pete Rose Weekend Gambling Tips

Hey guys. Charlie Hustle here back for some more wholesome gambling fun. This is a huge weekend for gamblers, so don't hesitate to cash in your son's college fund, because these picks are locks.

Tonight: The Mavs are a cinch to cover -2.5 at Golden State. I know winning at Golden State seemed impossible in the last two games out there, but there is no way the Mavs go out like punks tonight. I like the Mavs to win by at least 10. Look for Devin Harris to go for 30+. I have a feeling the other shoe will drop on Baron Davis and Co. tonight. They started to look pretty worn out at the end of Game 5.

Friday: I like Toronto +7 at New Jersey. I think New Jersey wins this game, but 7 points seems like a lot for this one. I don't see Toronto going down without a fight. Ultimately, however, they are Toronto and will lose.

Saturday: Now on to the 163rd biggest gambling event of the year: THE KENTUCKY DERBY! (The Derby falls just behind every Reds game as my favorite gambling event.) While young Vito Spatafore really likes Scat Daddy at 8-1 to pull out the victory this year, I am going with a long shot. Look for Dominican to win at 25-1. In my baseball days I knew a lot of Dominicans, and they were all fast as hell. I am telling you, steal your wife's wedding ring, pawn it, and put all 500 bucks you get for it on Dominican. You will thank me later.

Sunday: I recommend that you take the 1-1 odds that "Entourage" will be completely worthless yet everyone will continue to DVR it for another week.

*Note, I am not even going to bother with the De La Hoya fight as there is no way De La Hoya lasts more than 4 rounds*

That's it for this week. Good luck to all and God Bless.

Who's better than us,



JohnnyDakota said...

Also 1-1 that you will despise one of the two weekly stories arcs on the Sopranos.

Entourage has become a prettier version of Arli$$.

Pete's Degenerate Buddy said...