Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cuban's Last Stand

Expect these, amongst other questions to be answered in tonight's monstrous Mavs/Warriors Game 6.
1. Can a young Warriors team overcome that punch-in-the-nuts 15-0 run when the series was all but over in Game 5 in the Big D?
2. Will Baron Davis make the transition into a legit top 10 player in the league?
3. Will Stephen Jackson go "Latrell" on a referee the first time he is called for a push in the back on Dirk?
4. Can Sarunas Jasikevicius break his Game 4 records of 125 high fives and 97 ass slaps?
5. Will Eric Dampier actually give a shit?
6. If the Warriors win, will Oakland burn to the ground before the second round starts?
7. If the Mavs lose, can somebody please make sure that "The Hoff" actually eats the pizza before he starts drinking.

1 comment:

Mookie said...

Is Cuban acknowledging Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the audience?