Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tom Brady in Bunch of Trouble?

Boston sports fans are seriously questioning their belief systems as this pic of Tom Brady has surfaced. The paparazzi shap shot shows the former Super Bowl MVP donning a Yankees cap while walking through the streets of NY with super model girlfriend Gisele. Boston area fans heads may collectively explode upon viewing of this picture. How can they possibly defend their untouchable, infallible golden boy after rocking the hat of the Red Sox most hated rivals? Also how can Tom Brady think that it's alright to wear a Yankees cap...even in NY. The only possible explanation is that Gisele bought him the hat and she threatened to withhold all spooning and hand holding unless he wore it in public. Now that's whipped! This could cause a bigger stir in Boston than when he knocked up Moynihan.


Mookie said...

Thanks to loyal reader Ziggy for this find

JohnnyDakota said...

Wait! Who cares about the yankee hat? Is he rocking a European Carry-All?