Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This Guy And I Are Very Dissimilar

Ironically my last post intended to argue for all things un-hippie. My whole point is that sports writers specifically, and people in general, rely TOO MUCH on how they feel about something and ignore the preponderance of contradictory evidence.

Also the one sentence that seemed to have bothered a couple of people was not particularly politically charged. I hope I didn't touch any 3rd rails by imply that terrorists are irrational or that a president should not believe that a sizable, disproportionately intelligent and law-abiding segment of America should not be considered citizens.

Finally, I don't understand the problem with comparing two things that share a similar property, but are different in context and scale. In this case the similarity between sports writers, George H. W. Bush, and terrorists is a rigid belief system, probably formed at an age before they fully developed their faculty to reason. If you find my comparison overreaching, go take a long walk off a short pier.

I will no longer waste valuable SYHD space discussing this issue, as it is a sports blog. However, my one mildly political sentence turned into an entire post and I felt the need to respond.

P.S. I just read GOBS's addendum. In no way did I intend to make light of 9/11 or assign blame to anyone but the terrorists and their rigid, uncompromising belief system. I probably could written it more clearly, but cut me some slack...I'm no Andrea Zuckerman.


Greg Ostertag Body Spray said...

Yeah, I misunderstood the 9/11 analogy. I still think the comparison is quite tenuous, but I do see your argument. Sorry for calling you a hippie. Sean Hannity gets the best of me sometimes. I think we could all learn a thing or two from Andrea Zuckerman and her fine work as editor of the West Beverly High school newspaper.

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