Wednesday, May 2, 2007

All is Wright in the World

Met fans can now sleep soundly at night knowing that 3B David Wright has hit his first home run of the year. Showing that his new found power was no fluke, Wright smacked a ball off the wall in his next at bat. Let's see if he can carry his performance over to today's game.

In what was also a good sign for the Mets, struggling 1B Carlos Delgado had a few hits through the left side of the infield. If he can continue to do this with consistency, he may make teams play him straight up defensively, which would allow him go on a tear (he would be hitting .300 right now if it weren't for that rover shift).

In baseball there always seems to be a ying/yang effect (note: I do not want to be called out as a hippie for this...jk) where as one player gets hot another cools down. Last night Jose Reyes struck out three times. I'm not concerned yet, but his swing and timing were all out of whack. I'll put my next paycheck (slated for January 2008) on Reyes rebounding strong very shortly.

My last impression from last night's game is the Aaron Heilman needs to get moved out of the 8th inning set up spot until he works out his kinks. In what is becoming an all too often occurence, he gave up another multi-run bomb last night. Even when he is getting batters out they are hitting the ball hard, going all the way back to opening day when Valentin had to make a diving play on a hard hit shot by Scott Rolen to preserve the lead. It's time to give Joe Smith the high leverage innings. Righties don't know what to do against him and his pitches have enough tailing movement to give lefties trouble. Willie needs to ride him while he's hot.

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