Friday, May 4, 2007

Great Scott, This Guy is a Moron

In this month's ESPN the magazine, a reader asked Stuart Scott about his inconsistent reactions to Pacman Jones and Don Imus. Stu replied in part, "Personally, I'll take Pacman's indiscretions over those of Imus." Now, I can appreciate a good left hook to a stripper as much as the next guy, but somehow it just seems worse than a goofball in a cowboy hat throwing out racial and gender epithets. The most shocking part of this story is that ESPN the magazine not only has a reader, but one who cares enough to write a letter to Stuart Scott.

*Credit to Awful Announcing for the link*


Captain Bligh said...

Hey, now, I disagree. S-Dog is just calling it like he sees it, just like everyone else.

(Or half as much as everyone else, I guess. BooYah!)

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