Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Bronson Arroyo Award

Allow me to introduce The Bronson Arroyo Award. This award goes to the merely adequate to abysmal American League starter, who gets demoted to, I mean acquired by, an International Lea, I mean National League team and becomes a fringe Cy Young Award candidate. I was going to call it The Microcosm of the Gap Between the Leagues Award, but that was wordy and I wanted to give a face to it. This season's early favorites are Ted Lilly, Mark Hendrickson, Kyle Lohse, and Jamie Moyer. Best of luck to all contenders!

Ted Lilly's ERAs


2004- 4.06/ 2007- 2.82

2005- 5.56

2006- 4.31

Mark Hendrickson's ERAs

2004- 4.81/ 2007- 1.30

2005- 5.91

2006- 3.81 (89 innings)

Kyle Lohse's ERAs


2004- 5.34/ 2007- 3.12

2005- 4.18

2006- 7.07

Jamie Moyer's ERAs


2004- 5.21/ 2007- 2.65

2005- 4.28

2006- 4.39

Note: Bronson Arroyo would be in the lead for his own award, if he were eligible for it in 2007.


Mookie said...

Thanks to Deadspin for the link. Please feel free to browse the merchandise.

Anonymous said...

maybe you didnt notice, but a National League team won the World Series last year.

Gary D'ell Abate said...

An AL elitist with a blog? Color me shocked! Lohse pitched last year in the NL and was still awful, so your logic is flawed.

Mookie said...
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Mookie said...

Half of the contributors are AL fans and the other half NL. While a certain post may have some bias, the blog as a whole does not.

Mookie said...

Note: we try to be as detached and impartial as possible in our analysis.

Anonymous said...

Mark Mulder?

Oh that's right, he was great in the AL and then routinely got his ass handed to him in the NL.

Josh said...

Shouldn't Barry Zito be in the running?

Tremont said...

Countering all opposing arguments:
1) Yes the NL won the World Series last year, but the AL went 154-98 in interleague play. If you find the results of a 5 game series more telling, ask your loved ones to research the Pujols Family Foundation for you.
2) Is it really elitist to point out the demonstrable truth?
3) Indeed Lohse pitched about one third of last in the NL. Here are his 2006 AL/NL splits...AL: 22 games, 7.07 ERA. NL: 12 games, 4.57 ERA. If that helps your argument, it does so very modestly.
4) Mark Mulder's 2004 ERA in AL: 4.43. 2005 in NL: 3.64 2006 in NL prior to May 28th: 3.74 in 67 1/3 innings. May 28th and forward: 15.92 ERA IN 26 INNINGS! before going down to season ending surgery. So you think after a year and a half of very solid pitching in the NL, Mulder collapsed under the force of the mighty senior circuit bats. I tend to think the problem was that his shoulder was nearly unhinged from his torso, but you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

How about Tim Hudson then?

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day no one remembers the 2006 interleague record, they remember who won the World Series. A National League team.

Anonymous said...

Freddy Garcia
2004 in AL - 3.81 ERA
2005 in AL - 3.87 ERA
2006 in AL - 4.53 ERA
2007 in NL - 6.05 ERA

Cardinals pitchers in 2006 World Series - 2.05 ERA

Statistics are neat