Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nightly Depressed Mets Fan Rant

Every day is exactly the same. I wake up at 6:50am and hop in the shower (female readers feel free to fantasize). I get dressed, eat breakfast, and don't get to read the newspaper because my youngest brother has it in the bathroom with him for 45 min every morning. Then I jump on the Long Island Expressway and hit traffic at the same exact exits. At work, I research and write all morning. My day takes a turn for the better as I take a 30 min post-lunch nap in my car. But unfortunately I wake up and realize that I have four and a half more hours of researching and writing to go before the day is over. After leaving the office and hitting intermitten traffic on the ride home, I get to my house just in time to throw some luke warm dinner on my plate and settle in front of the tube for Mets baseball. I watch the Mets offense stake the starter to an early four or five run lead. Then I witness the starting pitcher blow that lead. Then a little piece of me dies inside. By the time the bullpen lets all its inherited runners to score I am almost completely numb. After the opposition scores a few insurance runs putting the game safely out of reach, I shut off my TV, surf the net to see if any celeb boobs have made their way onto The Superficial, and then fall asleep.

Rinse and Repeat.

(I'm sure I bungled tense and syntax in this post, but I really don't care)


jimer said...

Wait, you're still here? I thought you committed suicide a week ago.this article proves that you have a lot to live for.

Mookie's Mom said...

Move Out, already!!!