Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thoughts from the Bleachers

I just returned from today's 5 hour, 10 inning Yankees/Blue Jays game. Since rain delayed the start of the game for over an hour and a half, the game scheduled for 1 o'clock didn't end until after 7:30. Witnessing the 12-11 victory was well worth the wait in the rain.

A few thoughts

  • A-Rod went 4 for 6 with 2 doubles. He had go-ahead RBIs in the 6th and 7th innings and doubled in the ninth in a tie ball game. I'd like to think that guys like this feel retarded right now. But if Rodriguez goes 0 for 4 tomorrow, he'll probably feel justified in writing such articles. (Click here for a classic FJM rant on the above linked article).
  • SAT analogy- Kyle Farnsworth: The pitcher's mound during a close game :: A registered sex offender: school. "A" should never be within 300 feet of "B".
  • Disappointing performance by the Yankees fans today. Half of the crowd was gone by the end of the game. Many of those that remained participated in the wave. There really was a goofy Shea Stadium vibe today. I'll chalk it up to a Saturday, family crowd and the rain, but it was a bit embarrassing.
  • MLB should really do away with the expanded rosters in September. The Yanks and Jays used a combined 18(!) pitchers tonight. Both managers were making mid-inning pitching changes to play the matchups, as early as the 6th inning. It was incredibly frustrating to watch.
  • The Yanks have essentially clinched a playoff spot. Pardon the strong language, but I don't really give a hoot if they win the division or not.

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