Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Futbol Americano es muy bueno!!!

While watching Rex Grossman toss away my hopes and dreams of actually winning a bet Sunday, I became excrutiatingly aware that the NFL is now marketing itself to Latinos. I know this because they mentioned it a thousand times Sunday night. (Excuse me, I mean un mil times). I decided to head over to NFLlatino.com to learn more about the deep seeded Latino heritage in the NFL and made a startling discovery. Here, the website lists all of the Latino players in the NFL. Among the players are J.P. Losman and Adam Archuleta? They are Hispanic? Really? This whole time I thought they were just crappy white football players. I guess I probably subconciously knew they were Hispanic and were judging them more harshly. Sorry Donovan, I guess I really am a racist.


Mookie said...

Anthony Munoz was moved during the the halftime show. Jeff Garcia was moved in a different way by that all male ensemble and their salsa dancing.

Jimer said...

Does that mean that we can take credit for Tony Gonzalez?