Monday, September 17, 2007

The Fire Joe Morgan Flash Mob

The Fire Joe Morgan fanbase mobilizes like no other. As soon as baseball related idiocy is uncovered and mentioned on FJM, the flash mob descends on that poor unsuspecting perpetrator. Like a swarm of locusts moving through farmland, nothing is left after the FJM faithful are done. Want proof? Check out this FJM post. Now check out the the remnants of the website they ripped in to. If I were Mike Pagliarulo or any other contributor on that site, I would currently be going on my fourth hour in the shower trying to scrub off the stench of failure and utter humiliation. (Keep an eye out for Tremont and myself, under the pseudonym David Hustlehoff, taking shots at Pags' and company)


Tremont said...

How exactly are they going to keep an eye out for what you post, if you aren't going by "Mookie". Who do you think you are, fuckin' Bukowki? Your prose is not that distinctive, shithead.

Mookie said...

I was hoping some of the more loyal readers would see "David Hustlehoff" and have a light bulb go off. Anyway, I heeded to your wishes and revealed by alternate identity.