Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Straining Credulity

Today, on his weekly guest spot on Mike and the Mad Dog, Tom Glavine offered these two explanations as to why the Mets are losing to the dregs of baseball.

  1. New York teams are hated by their opponents. The anti-New York sentiment is so strong that teams will do all they can to keep NY franchises out of the playoffs. Apparently the Yankees opponents have not gotten the memo.
  2. (Save yourself a messy spit take by swallowing your beverage before reading this one.)They are running into teams with a lot of young Latin ballplayers. These young Latinos are busting their asses to impress their heroes, such as Pedro and Beltran.

Mad Dog Russo actually lent credence to these cockamamie hypotheses, with a "Interesting. I hadn't thought of that." I hadn't thought of them either. Mainly because they're stupid.

Tom, a simple "I don't know" would have done the trick.

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