Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

  • It's absolutely impossible to predict what is going to happen in baseball over a short period of time. I've beaten this dead horse a few times before, but that is just the nature of the sport. Coming off a sweep of the Red Sox, the Yankees should have had tremendous momentum. Then they dropped 3 out of the next 4 to inferior teams. The Mets were swept in a demoralizing 4 game set to the Phillies and have followed that up with 4 consecutive road wins. These things tend to sort themselves out over 162 games. However for a series, a week, or even a month, good luck trying to guess how a team is going to perform.
  • Mookie and I were discussing James Blake and the best non-tennis comparison we could come up with for him was Arturo Gatti. He is constantly involved in classic matches, because he is feisty enough to give you everything he has every time out, but not good enough to knock anybody out easily. He brings the best out of every player he faces: Andre Agassi in the '05 US Open, Fabrice Santoro and Tommy Haas in this year's US Open. However, like Gatti, he loses whenever he is matched up against one of the elites of his sport. For a guy who will never even play in a Grand Slam final, his career is pretty memorable.
  • Great job by the two most storied college football teams this weekend; Michigan and Notre Dame. I'm happy about the Michigan loss. I don't like Michigan's colors and the mitten shape of their state irks me. And don't get me started on that god damn Upper Peninsula. It's either Wisconsin or it's Canada, but it sure as shit ain't Michigan. I think it's a gas that they scheduled a cupcake team to get the season rolling and blew their chance at a National Championship in front of their fans on September 1st.

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