Thursday, September 20, 2007

Discrimination in Philadelphia

Perhaps Donovan McNabb is a victim of racial stereotypes. I simply do not know. I am neither black, nor a quarterback. I am, however, a rather accomplished white wide receiver (I once caught 7 touchdowns in a 2 on 2 touch game in my friend Mitch's back yard).

The plight of the white WR in the NFL is almost completely overlooked by the sports media. In fact,it is the sport media that perpetuates damaging stereotypes about the NFL's pale pass catchers.

How many times during the 2007 draft buildup did you hear Ohio State WR Anthony Gonzalez compared to former Broncos WR Easy Ed McCaffrey. Actually, it is hard to find any white WR over the last 7 years who hasn't been compared to Ed McCaffrey. These comparisons are usually supported with comments like "White WR X may not be the fastest or most skilled athlete on the field, but he runs great routes and isn't afraid to risk his body over the middle."

The irony of this is that Ed McCaffrey, at 6-5 and 215lbs, and with good speed, was one of the most physically imposing WR's of his era. If there was any WR in the 2007 draft comparable to Easy Ed, it was Calvin Johnson, not Anthony Gonzalez.

So, as Eagles WR Kevin Curtis emerges as Philadelphia's best WR this year, I wonder if Donovan McNabb will express any disgust with the media's stereotypical treatment of the oppressed white WR.

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Baba Doodlius said...

From my own perspective, all I can say is that it isn't easy being green.