Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free Fallin'

I'm usually fairly level headed and not one to rush to judgment, but I am officially starting to panic about the 2007 NY Mets. As I write this the Mets have just blown a 4-run lead for the second night in a row and now trail the Nats by two runs, 9-7. Scott Schoeneweis was predictably ineffective and was just lifted for a even less capable pitcher in Guillermo Mota. Even if he Mets somehow manage emerge victorious, it would not be what you would consider an encouraging win. The last two nights the offense did their job, but once again the pitching staff is doing their best batting tee impression. The back end of the rotation, Maine and Perez (who I have tried to defend all year), have been wildy inconsistent (pun intended- look at their BB rates) since the all-star break. After pitching a gem against the Braves last Wednesday, Maine was shallacked for 8 ER tonight in less than 5 innings of work. (Good thing I started him in my fantasy league...double frick). The bullpen is less stable than...eh, I'm going to refrain from the way too easy and obvious Britney Spears punchline, especially since she just lost custody of her children. By the way, I have 2 months in the overdose pool.

Anyway, I digress. Did I mention that Alou left tonight's game with a tight left quad and El Duque has to wear a special boot for about a week? Ugh, watching your favorite team take a free fall out of contention is just one of the most helpless and frustrating feelings in the world. It's akin watching a loved one fall seriously ill, only that you know they'll come back alive a few months later.

At least the Phillies seemingly can't get out of their own way. They almost blew an 11 run lead last night and are currently losing to the Cards in Cole Hamels return to the mound, but I'm certainly not looking forward to the battle of attrition that looks poised to take place over the next two weeks.

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