Thursday, September 13, 2007

the Philadelphia Jets?

I'm going to take an unpopular stance on this blog, and state that no way in hell do i buy the fact that Jets fans weren't cheering Pennington's coming out of the game on Sunday. No one in the media took the side of the Jets fans, incluiding the announcers of the freakin' game!!

Jets fans are probably the most miserable collection of fans i've had the pleasure of coming in regular contact with in my life. Its very rare that you see someone walking around in Jets gear that doesn't look like they have a 900 lb. chip on their shoulder. Jets fans just have a look about them that screams of this type of behavior.

On top of this, Jets fans have had an obsession with the backup player that is like no other. Just a couple of years ago, the incessant crying to play Lamont Jordan more was enough to make anyone's ears bleed. Now with Kellen Clemens being the next Joe Montana, Jets fans were thrilled to get that bum Pennington with the weak arm out of there, because they always have to "see what they have with this guy."
Enjoy Kellen Clemens this weekend against the Ravens defense, guys. Its what you wanted.


Jimer said...

I could care less about the Jets, I just want to kiss you.

Tremont said...

Hey Nocedog! Those very same Jets' fans are most commonly Mets' fans as well. You are a fan of the Mets. You are essentially scolding your own. Do not forget this.