Friday, September 28, 2007

Top 5 Reasons the Unbiased Fan Should Root Against the Mets

5) The Phillies just deserve it more- The Phillies have beaten the Mets seven consecutive times and have gone 14-5 down the stretch. Among other offense, the Mets were just swept at home by a horrific Nationals team with nothing to play for. If they can't scratch out a single win against the Nats, they have no business in the playoffs.

4) For months, Mets fans have been parading around, as proud as peacocks, talking about how their team was about to win the city back (Cough Nocedog Cough). If any group was ever ripe for a collective kick in the sack, it's them.

3) This collapse would be historic. According to's Playoff Odds Report, the Mets had a 99.8% chance of making the postseason, as of September 12th. BP's Nate Silver's calculations show that the Mets missing the playoffs would be the second biggest meltdown in baseball history. Nobody tells their grandchildren about a near collapse.

2) This team has effectively cultivated a carefree, loosey-goosey image. They're all giggles and choreographed multi-step hand slaps, all the time. At first, it was cute. However, much like the '04 Red Sox, their happy-go-lucky ways were rapidly degenerating into a caricature of themselves. It would be the definition of irony if Team Good Times completely shat the bed at the first whiff of a pennant race.

1) Mookie might kill himself, bringing this awful blog to a merciful end.

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