Monday, September 17, 2007

Closing Thoughts on the Yanks/Sox Series

- Roger Clemens answered a lot of questions with his performance last night. As long as he rebounds nicely for his next start, the Yankees have an excellent top 3 for the playoffs
- Last night, I became convinced that Mariano Rivera is not the super-human he once was. He is still an elite closer, but he has definitely lost something.
- On Boomer Esiason's must miss morning radio show (he now has Imus's spot in New York), he and his on-air partner discussed last night's Yankees/Sox game. They pretty much canonized Derek Jeter for his go-ahead home run, while attempting to juxtapose it with A-Rod's 1 for the series. They said something like "That's what makes Jeter Jeter and A-Rod A-Rod". I honestly thought, obviously naively, we were past the point where we were judging Rodriguez on a series-by-series basis. I will never again underestimate people's capacity to find fault with the greatest player on Earth.

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