Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Seriously, someone with some html skills needs to start up this site. For those who don't know Wallace Matthews is a former MY Daily News boxing beat writer (when boxing was important enough to have a beat) who now, for some inexplicable reason, writes opinion columns for the Newsday Sports section. His whipping boy over the past several years, originally enough, has been Alex Rodriguez and despite Rodgriguez being the best player in baseball and on pace for the best season of his career, Matthews thinks the Yankees would be better off without him. Why you ask? Because the Yankees have won several World Series' without all-star level production from the third base position, it thus must follow that they don't need ARod to win the World Series. I hope that didn't make your head explode. If you enjoy faulty logic, moronic blanket statements, cliched infatuation with role players, and blatant misinformation then this article is right up your alley. Today's feature is far from Matthews' first transgression into awful writing, however. Please check out how Ken Tremendous at Fire Joe Morgan has lambasted Matthews' past works much more effectively than I ever could. If you still have respect for Matthews as a sports journalist after reading the above linked articles then I will gladly return your SYHD Insider fee.

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Ziggy said...

His assesment of the situation is correct. You, being a Mets fan, know little if anything at all about America's pastime.