Thursday, June 7, 2007


Despite the fact that the Spurs are overwhelming favorites to win the NBA Championship, this series has a lot of juice.

Series Subplots
- For perhaps the first time in his career, Lebron James is playing with house money. The Cavaliers can lose in 5 or 6 games and this year will still be remembered as a great leap forward. In a strange way, on the biggest stage he has ever played on, he has less pressure than ever. (That is a bit hyperbolic, but you know what I'm getting at). I'm going to subscribe to Mad Dog Russo's ever-flawed "Loosey Goosey Theory", in this instance, and say that Lebron has an incredible series.
- I can't wait to see how Lebron James deals with Bruce Bowen. This series, I expect Bowen to reach new lows as an unconscionable ball buster. He is at his best/worst, when given the opportunity to harrass the most marketable guys in the NBA. I believe he completely resents them. Bowen will trip, elbow, grab, and finger Lebron's anus if he has to. How will Lebron respond to this?
- Is Daniel Gibson going to be Lebron's second banana for years to come? He has to prove that Games 4 and 6 against the Pistons were not flukes. This could become the most interesting angle of this series.
- Either Ilgauskas or Gooden are going to have to provide an inside scoring presence for the Cavs.
You: No shit Sherlock!
Me: Don't be a weisenheimer. I know that was obvious, but I couldn't not say it.
- Finally, can Ginobili convince Gooden to transplant that hideous patch of hair on the back of his neck to the top of Ginobili's head? Both parties would greatly benefit from such a transaction, I'm not getting my hopes up.

Spurs win in 6. They're just too good.

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POD said...

If you say 6, they aren't that good. This is the worst finals team in the history of the NBA...what more can one expect from the worst conference in SPORTS history.