Monday, June 25, 2007

Make A Wish

While I'm being an insensitive prick, I figured I would complain about a ten minute Chris Connelly piece, about a Make-A-Wish kid that just aired on Sports Center.

First I would like to say that the Make-A-Wish Foundation seems like a fine charity. It's hard not to get behind any organization that brings a moment of happiness to an unfairly short and miserable life. Having said that, I'm not sure Sports Center is the appropriate place to show these pieces.

Three Issues with this Segment
1) Perhaps I am being unduly cynical, but Chris Connelly comes off a bit like Ed Norton's character early in "Fight Club", when he attends support groups for diseases that he doesn't have. It seems like he is searching for comfort in the suffering of others (or maybe I am just a huge dick).
2) The ten year old kid in this episode has suffered a great deal, but he seems healthy as a horse right now. His liver disorder only prevents him from playing collision sports, but other than that I think he has a pretty normal life. If you are really going to tug at my heart strings you are going to need some heavier hands.
3) The kid gets to meet Dwyane Wade, his idol. Wade takes him to his house and plays basketball with him in his backyard. They play a little one-on-one and Wade lets the kid win. Cute. No problems with that. But could Chris Connelly not narrate the one-on-one like it was an actual competition. "It was a seesaw battle. Noah fell behind 6 to 5, but then made the last two shots to win the game". An audience of retards thanks you for the play-by-play, Chris.

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jimer said...

Ok, maybe the brutal honesty went too far on that one.