Tuesday, June 5, 2007

SYHD Insider

SYHD Contributor Johnny Dakota reports:

So I'm in Chicago for business, when I run into Mike Miller in a bar. He was pretty cool. He told me that he just talked to Donovan, who is currently arguing with the Magic as to whether it has to be 3 or 5 years before he can take another NBA job. He also said that 4 of our top 6 recruits were out the door, which is why Billy felt if he didn't come back, he would hurt UF for a long time. Also he says that Teddy Dupay lives in Utah (no word how the pyramid scheme is doing).

He also looks more 6'5'' in person

(Damn ESPN is reporting this as I am writing. Big brother gets us again.)

1 comment:

Jimer said...

Nice work Dakota.

WOW re: 4 of 6 out the door. Was Calathes one of them? He is really the only one that matters, imo.

Not sure what pyramid scheme reference is about, even though Teddy is my fav gator baller of all-time that has not won a NC. He lit me up for 63 in high school.

Miller= great gator, but might be one of the biggest try hard's I have ever seen. Is he still a wigger or has he transformed yet?