Monday, June 4, 2007

I have the Price is Right on in the background as I'm surfing the net. I was busy watching Paris Hilton's trip to jail getting cheered at the MTV Movie Awards when I was shook out of my giddiness by the new Rod Roddy rip-off belting out, "Miguel Alvarez come on down!" As a huge fan of HBO's Oz, I was expecting Alvarez to shank Barker, stare menacingly at Barker's Beauties, or at least throw some acid in the eyes of someone on contestant's row. Unfortunately, it was not Oz's Alvarez, but rather some portly fellow who probably just hit the high water mark of his life. Ah the disappointments we must deal with.


nocedog said...

Remember the episode when Alvarez gets put in solitary, and they don't feed him or give him anything to drink, so he has to resort to drinking his own piss?

Classic moment from a classic show.

Tremont said...

That show was God-awful.

nocedog said...

By god-awful do you mean amazingly entertaining? If you do, i wholeheartedly agree.