Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Awful Announcing's NBA Mock Draft

The boys over at Awful Announcing are having bloggers run a NBA mock draft. I signed up to pick for the NY Knicks. Here is how the draft played out prior to my pick:
Here's your update......
1. Portland- AA- Greg Oden
2. Seattle- Stupid Sideline Reporters- Kevin Durant
3. Atlanta- Nyjer Please- Al Horford
4. Memphis- Mile High Ramblings- Yi Jianlian
5. Boston- OMDQ- Joakim Noah
6. Milwaukee- Cake Rocks The Party- Brandan Wright
7. Minnesota- Blog of Hilarity- Mike Conley Jr.
8. Charlotte- Sports Show on Mute- Corey Brewer
9. Chicago (from New York)- Fan I- Jeff Green
10. Sacramento- Lunatic Fringe- Spencer Hawes
11. Atlanta (from Indiana)- Nyjer Please- Acie Law
12. Philadelphia- J-Beanie- Julian Wright
13. New Orleans- Digital Headbutt- Aaron Aflalo
14. L.A. Clippers- Signal to Noise- Jarvis Crittenton
15. Detroit (from Orlando)- We Suck At Sport- Rodney Stuckey
16. Washington- Larry Burns- Thadeus Young
17. New Jersey- Larry Brown- Glen Davis
18. Golden State- J from Ballhype- Al Thorton
19. L.A. Lakers- Classic Cola- Jason Smith
20. Miami- Extra P- Tiago Splitter
21. Philadelphia (from Denver)- J-Beanie- Nick Young
22. Charlotte (from Toronto via Cleveland)- SS on Mute- Sean Williams
23. New York (from Chicago) - Shoot Your Hopes

My pick:

Is Kevin Durant still on the board?...silence....(tapping the microphone)...thank you, thank you...is this thing on?
With the 23rd pick in the 2007 AA NBA Mock Draft, the New York Knicks select....Alando Tucker. I really wanted Sean Williams in this spot as I think he could develop into a nice front court compliment to Eddie Curry, but since I got submarined by the Bobcats, I'll take Tucker. I'm not just taking Alando because he shares his last name with my all-time favorite Knick Trent Tucker, rather I believe Tucker is long (6'7 wingspan) and athletic enough to play SF and has enough versatility in his scoring game to be a nice complimentary player on the offensive end of the court. With Quentin Richardson in a constant state of pain, the Knicks are in need of an offensive minded SF. Neither Balkman, who can't shoot, or Lee, who is really a PF, can fill that void. Tucker is a legitimate threat from 3pt range and can put the ball on the floor effectively. I think he can eventually develop into a nice third option on offense. I'm not overly concerned by his performances in the NCAA Tourney. I also considered taking Nick Fazekas with this pick, but his game is too similar to Channing Frye's.

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JohnnyDakota said...

Wait, you had the Knick's 2nd round pick??