Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alternate Benoit Murder Theory

SYHD contributor Fat Dizzle heard another version the Benoit murder bandied about on the radio today. According this alternative report, it was Benoit's wife Nancy who smothered their child. Nancy apparently then called Chris. It is not known what exactly she told him, but it caused Chris to travel back to their Atlanta home. Upon the discovery of their dead son, Chris then strangled his wife with an alarm clock cord and then hanged himself sometime after. I don't know how much credence to give this version, but it certainly seems a bit more plausible than Benoit killing his wife and child in cold blood.


JohnnyDakota said...

I read that was what Benoit wrote in his suicide note, but haven't heard it confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Nancy was killed before Daniel was.
She couldn't have killed him