Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mets Maintain the Status Kuo

Apparently Hung-Chih Kuo loves playing the NY Mets. He has two major league wins and both have come starting against the Metropolitans. He also racked up his first career homerun against Mets starter John Maine, who, in the second inning of last night's game, got bombed worse than the Spanish-American War battleship that shares his name. Kuo's HR was the third in three pitches thrown by Maine, with the first two dingers coming off the bats of Wilson Betemit and Matt Kemp, repsectively. The loss marks the Mets 8th in their last 9 games and I'm afraid that a few more weeks like this will lead to Endy Chavez throwing firecrackers at fans, Aaron Heilman supersoaking reporters with bleach, and Carlos Delgado wearing earplugs at the plate.

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