Thursday, June 21, 2007

What It Feels Like To Be a Mets Fan Right Now

The Mets dropped their rubber match to the Twinkies last night and have lost seemingly 789 series in row. The Metropolitans are in quite a tailspin and while I'm not about to jump ship or yell that the sky is falling, their play over the past 3-4 weeks has been extremely frustrating. One night the offense is anemic, the next night Tommy Strikeout is giving up at least a run per inning, and the next Heilman or Schoeneweis is giving up one of his trademark 3-run home runs. The team just can't seem to play good crisp baseball for more than one game. Worse yet, the team hasn't been competitive in many of their losses making them an wholly unentertaining product over much of this stretch. So what does it feel like to be a Mets fan right now? Remember that skit on the first Wu Tang album between "C.R.E.AM." and "Method Man" where Raekwon and Meth discuss sociopathic ways to torture one another such as smashing the other's nuts with a spiked bat or sewing one's asshole closed and keep feedin' em and feedin' em and feedin' em and feedin' em. Well I feel like all the tortures that were discussed are being done to me right now simultaneously.

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