Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Boggs a Hall of Fame Booze Hound As Well

Here is a link proclaiming MLB Hall of Famer Wade Boggs as one of the biggest beer drinkers in baseball. The author of the article now refers to a Miller Lite as a Boggs, I am not that easily swayed however, and will continue to them Lacheys.
(Kudos to loyal reader Jimer for the link)


Jimer said...

Nick Lachey couldnt even refil Boggs' shot glass for power hour.

Boggs 3:16

I made that as a sign for College Gameday last year. The only better signs I saw all year were:

1. Lou Holtz is a geniush and
2. Bobby Bowden has AIDS.

Fat Dizzle said...

I dont believe it. I think 70 beers in 7 hrs is a medical impossibility. It would create a BAC that is not compatible with life. Not only that, but I think one would get pretty sick trying to drink the same amount of water over that period of time- from bloating and distention. Friends of mine in college, mostly guys who drink big, tried to do 24 beers in 6 hrs- only 2 finished and I think all of them spent the night in their piss and vomit.

Wade Boggs said...

Fat Dizzle, were your friends drinking beers or zimas?

Jackie Lynn and Big Scary said...

Thanks for the shout out, fatty, but it was only 23 beers!

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